cadett ELSA

”Impressive software for electrical design!”
Full cadett ELSA brochure is available here: cadett ELSA English brochure  

cadett ELSA is a complete system for electrical design for all categories of users. cadett ELSA is easy to use. You can start by using cadett ELSA as a simple and rational documentation tool. But cadett ELSA will also cover the need of flexibility and automation that the most advanced users has.

The product is available in many different variants. cadett ELSA View does not require an AutoCAD. cadett ELSA Start, cadett ELSA Basic, cadett ELSA Professional and cadett ELSA Enterprise are used together with AutoCAD or AutoCAD Electrical.

cadett ELSA Solo is the same product as the above cadett ELSA products and is available in Basic, Professional and Enterprise versions. Solo means that the program has an integrated CAD engine and is thus linked to Cadet ELSA.

cadett ELSA Start is ideal for simple tasks. cadett ELSA Basic covers every-day needs while cadett ELSA Professional is equipped with advanced features like wire management and translations.

Additional functionality primarily aimed at needs typical in large and decentralized organisations are offered in cadett ELSA Enterprise.

  • The Drawing Environment helps you to create your drawing sheets faster.
  • The OnLine Engine will help you to create an error free documentation in a fraction of the time that otherwise would be required.
  • Tables and lists of all kinds are generated automatically by cadett ELSA.
  • Dynamic OnLine allows you make changes in the lists. The drawing sheets are automatically updated accordingly.
  • The whole system is controllable using ActiveX. All information can be exported and imported. This gives extraordinary possibilities for automation solutions and much more.

Project Manager

The Project Module of cadett ELSA keeps all projects in good order. The same tree structure is available for all users. You can have several parallel structures for the same projects in order to have the best possible availability. It is for example possible to organize the same projects in both a plant oriented structure and in an organizational structure simultaneously.

Multiple users can work in the same project at the same time with all OnLine functions still available, also between the users.

Multiple projects may be connected to each other in so-called super projects. You will then have references between the projects as well.

Drawing Environment

The Drawing Environment makes it easy and efficient to create circuit diagrams. The OnLine Engine is fully integrated.


Revision Management

A project can be managed in an arbitrary number of revisions simultaneously where they are all accessible. Lists of differences between selected revisions concerning devices, wires, terminals, cables and documents are generated automatically.

The OnLine Engine

The OnLine Engine will assist the designer directly during the design work. There will be no waiting! Pick a contactor from the Catalogue. The corresponding symbols for coil and contact mirror will be inserted automatically. The item designation will be generated automatically. Help contacts will get contact numbers automatically according to the contact mirror. You can select any of the unused contacts in the contact mirror from a dialogue box. If no contacts are available you will be given information of that. All cross-references are generated automatically. Everything is easy to use with dialogue boxes. You only have to click!

Even the wire handling is OnLine. You will immediately receive information of any errors in the wiring. Everything is shown in clear and colourful graphics directly on the screen.


The functionality to handle PLC’s is extensive. For each I/O you may handle, besides the item designation and other component related data, connection numbers, I/O number, symbolic address and a number of remark lines. This information is mirrored OnLine in both directions between I/O symbols and PLC mirrors, which present a collected view of entire I/O cards. I/O list data can easily be exported or imported, for example using Excel.

Dynamic OnLine

At any time during the design work you can press a key and a device list, a cable core list, a symbol list, a terminal plan or an internal wire list is presented. Directly on the screen. You can alter the lists. The drawing sheets are updated immediately. OnLine!

Symbol Libraries

cadett ELSA is delivered with seven symbol libraries containing well over 5000 symbols. The international standards IEC1082 and IEC113 are supported. Also the German DIN, the American JIC and the international ISO1219 for hydraulics and pneumatics are supported. A SSG inspired library for instrument is integrated with IEC1082. Finally an extensive cabinet layout library is included.

Symbol Generator

The interactive Symbol Generator makes it easy to create user-defined symbols. And it’s fast!


Drawing Manager

The Drawing Manager keeps your drawings in good order. The title fields of the drawing sheets, the presentation in the Drawing manager and the archive database are fully configurable. The Drawing Manager offers exceptional performance. You can make changes in the title fields of hundreds of drawing sheets in a fraction of a second!



cadett ELSA contains an integrated high-quality viewer. You can view and plot drawing sheets without opening them with AutoCAD. Therefore it is much faster.

Cabinet Layout

The symbols for the cabinet layouts can be selected and inserted automatically if desired. The cabinet layouts are automatically linked to the circuit diagrams with cross-references. The optimization of the wiring will take the information of the cabinet layout into consideration in order to find the shortest path for the wires within the cabinet.



The automatics of cadett ELSA is used to the extent of your own desire. You can gladly mix methods doing parts manually and parts automatically. The automatic functions will always respect the work that you have done manually and not make any unintentional alterations.

Some examples:

  • Automatic generation of item designations
  • Automatic wire numbering
  • Forced connection generation
  • Automatic cable core numbering
  • Automatic terminal numbering
  • Automatic error handling

Client/Server Catalogue

cadett ELSA contains a complete manager for component catalogues. It is easy to insert new resources, to search and to edit the information. Electrical data, supplier, manufacturer, price, measurements, quantity on stock and a lot of other data can be contained.

The catalogue uses so-called Client/Server Technology in order to give the best possible performance even when the data quantities and the number of users grow.

It is easy to import catalogue data from suppliers. Text files, databases and Excel sheets can be imported. Other formats can also be imported by converting them to one of the supported ones.

The import function takes any changes that you have made into consideration when re-importing catalogue data. Manually made changes will not be overwritten.

File Manager

The File Manager will take care of backup copying and storing on any drives. You can save your projects on hard discs, DVD’s, Blu-ray or any other media. You can use data compression.

Report Generator

With the Report Generator you can create all imaginable and unimaginable tables and lists. Among others the following are supplied as standard:

  • Device and ordering lists
  • Cable and cable core lists
  • Terminal lists
  • Terminal plans
  • Terminal plans with graphical links
  • Internal and external wire lists
  • Tables of contents

It is easy to create user defined Report Definitions.

The reports can be generated as AutoCAD drawings, text files or Excel sheets.

External Connection Diagrams

External Connection Diagrams are generated automatically. You can control the look and the content using siple configurations.


Cable Harnessing Module

A complete module for Cable Harnessing is included in cadett ELSA Professional. Both cable- and connection diagrams are created using this module and can also be checked against both each other and the corresponding circuit diagrams.


Option Manager

The Option Manager – which is included in the standard product – makes it possible to define any desired options with parts spread over multiple sheets. The options can be activated or deactivated as needed. A deactivated options is not shown and will not be contained in tables or lists either.

Automation solutions

The heart of cadett ELSA is the automation server PDS which handles all project related data. The open interface does not only make it possible but also very easy to transfer data to and from cadett ELSA, from and to other programs. For example you can transfer the device list to Excel, change the data there and then transfer the altered information back to cadett ELSA where the PDS will make sure that the drawing sheets are updated automatically!

All functions in cadett ELSA can be remotely controlled using ActiveX. This may be used to automatically generate documentation, like PLC drawings from I/O lists.

Script Generator

With the Script Generator you are able to handle many drawing sheets at once automatically. For example you can plot many drawing sheets, change the title fields or make any other manipulation in many sheets at once.

PDF Generator

Using the PDF Generator you can easily by simply pressing a button create a complete and intelligent PDF file for the entire project. Bookmarks for the sheets, cross-references as hyperlinks and many other features can be used.


Text in the Drawing Sheets can be translated between an unlimited number of languages using an integrated dictionary. It is easy to extend the dictionary with more words or expressions that you might want to translate. Full Unicode support makes it possible to translate to languages with other alphabets than our own, like Russian or Chinese.

Installation and Setup

The installation program takes care of all types of installations, from the simplest local installation, to the most complex network installation with user data collected from from multiple old installations.

Software revisions

Incremental updates are available directly via the Internet. The installation of these no-charge updates is very simple.


New versions containing important new functionality are released once a year. It is possible to buy them as a subscription at an annual fee, or one by one, if you prefer a higher price for your updates.

Import from another cadett ELSA

At any time you can import user data of your own choice from other installations of cadett ELSA. This may be used in a number of different situations. After installing a new version the first thing you would do – for example – would be to import all user data like projects, symbols, catalogues etc. from the previous version. The same type of import can be used to transfer data between a portable computer and a network installation of cadett ELSA. This is very useful if you for example would like to continue the work with your projects when travelling or from other locations where you do not have access to your local area network.

In cadett ELSA Enterprise it is also possible to import user data remotely without affecting current users.

Thin Clients

cadett ELSA Enterprise supports the use of thin clients with Citrix XenApp. This solution results in excellent performance, even with limited bandwith between workstation and server. 2-5 Mbps is enough, making it possible to work over the Internet or in slox networks with full efficiency.


Functions to check-out projects for travelling or similar are included in cadett ELSA. Projects that have been checked-out are locked for other users, until they are checked-in again.

Hardware lock

cadett ELSA is equipped with a hardware lock. You are therefore free from all the troubles with authorization codes and similar that you experience in connection with software based licensing systems. It is easy and trouble free to move licenses between computers.

Floating licenses with server-based multiple license hardware locks are available as an alternative or in combination with local locks.


English, German and Swedish available.

Network and multi-user environments

cadett ELSA is a multi-user system. To accomplish the best possible performance modern tecnology like client/server-solutions are used.

To install cadett ELSA as a multi-user system in a network, a Windows Server is required.

cadett ELSA can also be installed as a single-user system on a single computer.

Computer requirements

Please refer to a separate data sheet for details about requirements concerning computer, network, server, operating system, AutoCAD and AutoCAD Electrical.


cadett ELSA is developed by cadett in Sweden and Germany together with international cooperation partners. The product is marketed all over Europe.

cadett was founded in 1979 and is one of the oldest and most reputed companies of the business.

cadett ELSA was introduced already 1985 and offers a superior security and compatibility. Drawings and projects are fully compatible all the way, without converting. This is unusual – not to say unique – in the business.


Financing solutions are available.

Additional information

Please contact cadett or a reseller in your own neighborhood. We will be happy to offer you a demonstration!