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  • Version R42.0.2.4
  • Download 134
  • File Size 18,5 MB
  • File Count 1
  • Create Date 10 november, 2023
  • Last Updated 17 november, 2023

Update to cadett ELSA R42.0.2.4 from R42.0.1.0-R42.0.2.3

This is cadett ELSA R42.0.2.4 as an incremental update (patch) from cadett ELSA R42.0.1.0, R42.0.1.1, R42.0.1.2, R42.0.1.3, R42.0.1.4, R42.0.1.5, R42.0.1.6, R42.0.1.7, R42.0.2.0, R42.0.2.1, R42.0.2.2, and R42.0.2.3.

If you have a network installation, please run the patch on the server. The clients will be updated automatically the first time they are started after the central installation has been updated.

Please refer to the cadett ELSA incremental updates guide for instructions how to install the update.

Please refer to the revision history (REVHIST.TXT) for a list of improvements that have been made in the new revision.

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