cadett ELSA R38.0.2.2 Solo installation file (complete)

This is the complete installation file for cadett ELSA R38.0.2.2. The installation package for Solo ecscad 2019 is included. All available cadett ELSA products can be installed using this file. cadett ELSA R38 supports AutoCAD 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. cadett ELSA R38.0.2.2 contains a large number of new features and improvements. Please refer to…

Update to cadett ELSA R38.0.2.2 from R38.0.1.0-R38.0.2.1

cadett ELSA R38.0.2.2 as an incremental update (patch) from cadett ELSA R38.0.1.0, R38.0.1.1, R38.0.1.2, R38.0.1.3, R38.0.2.0 or R38.0.2.1. If you have a network installation, please run the patch on the server. The clients will be updated automatically the first time they are started after the central installation has been updated.