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Autumn courses in cadet ELSA.


Book your cadet ELSA course for the horse now! This way you avoid calendar clashes and have full control of your schedule even before the holidays. 

The courses will be held as follows:

Basic course:
v. 37: 13 - 15 September

Continuation course:
v. 39: 27 - 28 September

Refresher course:
v. 47: 22nd November

Full course descriptions are available under the menu item "Courses". 

Book the course via or
08-754 97 70.

Updated reference manual.


A new version of the reference manual has now been released. It contains, among other things, a full description of the symbol inserter including the new functionality introduced in R41.0.1.1.


The new features of the symbol inserter that were introduced were:


  • The symbol inserter has been extended with a search function, which allows a free search for symbol names and descriptions. The new function is activated by means of a new button in the symbol inserter.


  • Tool tips have finally been implemented in the symbol inserter. The buttons, which can be somewhat confusing before you get used to them, are now equipped with explanatory texts in the form of tool tips.

Flex your cadet ELSA licences.


Most companies today are using more and more software from a variety of vendors. In many places, there is a growing desire for a better overview of all licenses within the company.

cadett therefore offers the possibility to upgrade from traditional hardware locks to software licenses of the FlexLM type, a well-known and proven system used by our two largest partners Autodesk and Mensch und Maschine, among others.

Using the same licensing system as many other common software products makes it easier to manage the licenses. FlexLM also provides new functionality such as license borrowing. Better scalability is another advantage. For example, additional licences can be added quickly and easily for special projects or temporary peaks in workload.

Updated reference manual.


In our newsletter of 28th January we told you about the new reference manual for cadet ELSA. We have now released an updated version of our OnLine reference manual.

Most importantly, a topic describing the drawing archive has been added. That topic alone contains 234 brand new pages!

As we mentioned in the previous newsletter, the OnLine format is grateful for updates. Work on these is ongoing and you will see many and frequent updates.

Despite the amount of information, it is easy to find with a simple structure and lots of handy links.

Please log in and have a look today. You are very welcome to provide feedback if you miss something. We will be happy to prioritise further work according to your wishes! 

Renting is smart!


You can now rent cadett ELSA with or without integrated AutoCAD for a longer or shorter period of time from 995 SEK per month.


Perfect for temporary peak loads, temporary projects and resources!