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Price increase on cadett ELSA service agreement


The service agreement consists of two parts: 

  1. The update subscription covers the cost of new versions of cadett ELSA. 
  2. The support agreement covers telephone and e-mail support for an unlimited number of users at the company. 


Both parts are mandatory. It is not possible to subscribe to the two parts separately. 

The cost of the service agreement is related solely to the number of licenses of cadett ELSA. Volume discounts apply. The more licenses you have, the lower the annual cost per license. 

Prices have remained unchanged since 1 March 2020, while inflation over the same period has been around 24% (CPI from March 2020 to March 2024). In other words, in real terms, the annual cost has fallen by the same amount. 

Against this background, cadett has decided to increase the price of the service contract by 10% from 1 August 2024. This will compensate for just under half of our cost increases. In other words, including the price increase, the price of the service contract has still fallen overall. 

We hope for your understanding of the measure. 



At the same time, we give you the option of extending the service agreement for three years at the old price, which will then be invoiced in advance. In this way, you can keep the old price for the entire three-year period. This can be done until August 1, 2024.

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cadett ELSA April campaign


Buy a cadett ELSA license with integrated AutoCAD and get a course for free! For every cadett ELSA license you purchase, you will receive a seat on an optional cadett ELSA course.

The offer is valid until the end of April 2024. 

Contact us for more information, concerns or questions. 

You can reach us at or +46 8 754 97 70

Refresher course - New date = May 7!


Learn all about the latest news in cadett ELSA!

In the latest updates to cadett ELSA, we have introduced the most comprehensive new features in 20 years! A number of new features have been added. Examples of these are a completely new project module, a new function for external connection diagram, a new plant database, a new PLC database, a new consistency check, a new terminal tool, new PLC dialogs, a greatly expanded QuickPDF, WAN-mod which is a completely new way to run cadett ELSA over VPN, and much more. 

Join our update course and learn all about the new features and other improvements. Register today to secure your place!


Date and time:
May 7 at 09:00 - 16:00

The new reference manual is updated!


The reference manual is available on our homepage and is updated at short intervals. The fact that it is online has the great advantage that you can access all updates as soon as they are released.

This includes a complete and very detailed description of the new project module presented in cadett ELSA R42. Since the turn of the year, updates to the chapters on the Symbol Generator, Dynamic OnLine and the Report Generator have been added, to take a few examples.

Welcome to visit our website and the new reference manual!

You can find it under: -> Support -> cadett ELSA reference manual

Book a free demonstration of cadett ELSA by filling in your details here:


If you do not have a username and password, or if you have forgotten your password, go to 'Support' and select 'Password request'.