Electrical diagram CAD products that adapt like a chameleon.
Electrical diagram CAD products that adapt like a chameleon.

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cadett has extensive experience and close cooperation with Autodesk since the 1980s.

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Possible configurations

Dynamic Online.

With Dynamic OnLine you can edit tables such as device lists and connection tables directly on the screen. The changes are transferred directly to the circuit diagram sheets, which are then updated automatically.

Powerful connectivity management.

cadett ELSA has a powerful connection management including automatic wire numbering. The wires are automatically connected by the shortest route according to the cabinet layout. If you want to connect a different route, it is easy to adjust if necessary. The connection table can be exported in any format for wire marking or connection to 3D CAD systems.

Article portal.

A new cooperation agreement between cadett and CADENAS gives all users of cadett ELSA direct access to an article portal with hundreds of thousands of components from all major suppliers. Symbols and part data are retrieved easily and elegantly.


The open and well-documented application programming interface (API) makes it easy to integrate cadett ELSA with other IT systems.

Integration with other IT systems
3D Cabinet Layout

3D cabinet layout.

cadett ELSA supports 3D cabinet display and can be connected to Autodesk Inventor and other 3D CAD programs.

External connection diagram.

cadett ELSA generates intelligent and dynamic external wiring diagrams at the touch of a button.

Automatic external connection diagrams
Options Management

Option manager.

The advanced option manager allows you to streamline the management of documentation with recurring parts. Instead of many different projects with partially identical content, you can create a single project with multiple options that can be combined in any way.

Consistency check.

The consistency check finds otherwise hard-to-detect errors, such as a mismatch between the cabinet layout and the circuit diagram. Not only does it find the errors, it also helps to correct them!

Consistency control

Audit management.

The revision manager keeps track of all previous revisions of your projects. You can view the content of previous revisions at any time, or go back to a previous revision. Lists of all differences between optional revisions are generated automatically, for devices as well as wires and cables. Revisions can also be synchronized with Autodesk Vault and other PDM systems.


Programmable control systems can be documented clearly and elegantly with both I/O symbols and PLC mirrors. This provides the benefits of both location- and function-oriented documentation at the same time. A built-in audit log for the I/O information makes editing secure. You can retrieve old information at any time, even if you have changed or deleted it. I/O lists can be linked to Excel. Changes you make are reflected everywhere, no matter where you make them.

PLC automation


Artificial Intelligence - AI - is seen by many as both a threat and a promise. At cadett , we are working hard to develop ways to utilize AI for the greatest benefit of our users. One example of this is a method from Autodesk to manage external changes from hand sketches to update circuit diagrams and other drawing sheets in cadett ELSA. 

Our products.

The link below leads to a full description of our product range.

Dynamic table editing

Dynamic table editing

We call it Dynamic OnLine. It provides direct access to device lists, connection tables, terminal tables, and cable tables. You can edit the content directly on the screen. Circuit diagrams and other documents in the project will be updated with your changes at lightning speed, completely automatically.

Connectivity management

cadett ELSA can make a fully automatic numbering of all threads and then enter the thread numbers ("zero numbers") into the cretation chart sheets, just as automatically.

The wiring sequence is automatically optimised according to the physical location of the devices in the cabinet.

You can easily adjust the routing, numbering and other properties such as colours and dimensions, directly from the connection list of your choice. The changes are automatically reverted to the schematic pages.

The connection information can then be exported to Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, Solidworks, and other 3D CAD systems.

Article portal


A cooperation agreement between cadett and CADENAS gives all users of cadett ELSA access to a built-in portal with hundreds of thousands of articles. This makes it easy to search for the right article and then retrieve metadata and symbols for both 2D and 3D layouts and circuit diagrams. Everything is based on the eClass standard, which in turn is based on ISO3584 and IEC1360.

Read more about eClass in the FAQ.

Flexible with options

Customised options management

The option manager in cadett ELSA allows you to define any number of multi-sheet options that are either active or not. This provides great opportunities for efficiency gains right from the start.

Do you want to build on this, perhaps with a framework and the possibility of external control, for example with a configurator? We will help you set up a solution that is optimized for your specific needs.

Options Management


Do you start from I/O lists when creating your documentation? Would you like to automatically generate the body of your wiring diagrams with inputs and outputs, terminals and circuits from these I/O lists?

We create the macros that do the job!

PLC automation

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