Work from home?

Unfortunately, the ravages of the new corona virus are getting closer to all of us for each passing day. Of course, we at cadett want to pull our straw to the stack and help our customers and partners as much as possible. In addition to protecting us all from the infection itself, we also have a shared responsibility to keep the wheels running, so that we do not exchange one problem with another.

The authorities of many countries now advise people to work from home if they can. Many companies give the same advice to their employees and cadett wants to be on hand if you need to adapt your systems to these challenging circumstances. To minimize disruptions in your company and project work, we want to make it easier to lift your version of cadett ELSA to Enterprise, which is adapted with functions to work remotely.

cadett ELSA offers a wide range of features that facilitate such use, like working from home. The most effective solutions have since before been gathered in cadett ELSA Enterprise. This product level comprises, among other things, solutions to be able to easily work completely disconnected from servers and the Internet and yet have the opportunity to retrieve common data such as symbols and article data. And not least; to smoothly check out projects from the server, to work with them locally and to be able to check them in again when the work is done. The checked-out projects are of course locked to other users, so that users do not run the risk of stepping on each other’s feet, despite – or thanks to – that they are not close to each other.

cadett now offers instant help to set up a TRAVEL solution to suit your needs. We help you update your cadett ELSA to Enterprise and to install and configure both server and workstations. Of course, we do all work remotely in a web meeting. As for the actual update, we offer a discounted price over the next period.

If you need help with this, or have any other wishes or comments, don’t hesitate to contact cadett!