Some new features in cadett ELSA R34

Operating systems

  • The support for Windows XP has been discontinued.
  • Support for Windows 8 has been introduced.


  • The support for AutoCAD 2011 has been discontinued.
  • Support for AutoCAD 2015 has been introduced.
  • A faster way of starting AutoCAD and loading the first sheet has been introduced. The starting procedure also looks new. The ActiveX question counter has been replaced with a clean splash.

Drawing Environment

  • The text commands have been heavily extended with autocomplete and lexicon selection.
  • A new text command has been added, which supports the new autocomplete and lexicon selection features and additionally enables manual specification of text height, rotation and justification.
  • A new command used to change the internal and external sides of multiple terminals has been added.
  • The sheet shift feature is now much faster than before.

Option Handling

  • The Option Handling feature has been heavily upgraded with a large number of new features.
  • The Option Handling now uses an entirely new set of commands. Five new commands replaces the single one that was used before.
  • Multiple electrical layers are supported.
  • The project parameters are automatically checked, to ensure that the current settings support Option Handling.
  • Options are now created with a new more user friendly dialogue.
  • Adding objects to an option is now more efficient than before using a new dialogue. An ability to remove (restore) objects from an option back to their original state has been added. Showing the objects belonging to an option is also a new feature included in the new dialogue.
  • Making changes to an existing option is now made in a separate dialogue with the ability to delete, restore, and change the properties of more than one option at a time, thus making the whole process much more efficient.
  • The ability to merge two or more options into one has been added.
  • An entirely new feature makes it possible to recreate the OPTIONS.INI settings file from information contained within the drawing sheets. This means that option definitions lost when for example copying drawing sheets between projects can easily be restored.

Translator III

  • The Translator III has been heavily updated with new settings and functionality.
  • The settings have been extended in a number of ways. Filtering is now specified in an additive manner, where the result of filters further up are used as input to filters further down. Both positive filters (do translate …) and negative filters (do not translate …) can be used together.
  • Filtering can now be made based on layer names, block names, tag names and content, as well as any combination of those properties. This makes it possible to for example specify that single texts outside of blocks should be translated but within blocks not, or the other way around.
  • The settings for the so-called “transferred translation feature” have been moved to a separate section, not interfering in any way with other settings.
  • The original text justification is now used for translations added above or below the original text.
  • The original text layer can now be used for translation by leaving the layer name empty in the setting.
  • The original text style can now be used for translation by leaving the text style empty in the setting.

Report Generator

  • The “!T feature” (translation in run-time when reports are created) has been changed to use Translator III instead of the now discontinued Translator II.
  • Full support for DXF forms of both the new and the old type has been implemented. (The “old type” uses ANSI coding and is used in AutoCAD 2004 DXF and older. The “new type” uses Unicode coding and is used in AutoCAD 2007 DXF and newer).
  • The Excel Report Generation feature has been enhanced with the ability to run a post batch after the Excel report is generated.
  • A set of new Excel type report definition examples has been added:
    o List of changes based on device list (German, English and Swedish)
    o List of changes based on cable core list (German, English and Swedish)
    o List of changes based on internal wire list (German, English and Swedish)

Super Project Report Generation

  • Super Project Report Generation is now fully supported in cadett ELSA Enterprise. It is not supported in cadett ELSA Professional, Basic and Start.
  • Reports covering entire super projects can be created for the following types of reports:
    o Device lists by item designation
    o Device lists by plant
    o Device lists by location
    o Device lists by plant and location
    o Order lists (device lists by project)
    o Wire lists
    o Cable core lists
    o Cable lists
    o Tables of contents

Cabinet layout

  • Cabinet layout symbols are now available in the Symbol Insert Tool in a new symbolic resource category.