cadett ELSA View  
A “see but not touch”-product. Navigate among projects, drawing sheets and articles. View and print. No editing can be made. No AutoCAD is needed.

cadett ELSA Start
The solution to start with. Yet a complete tool for electrical design. Complete drawing environment with more than 5000 symbols. Uses AutoCAD/AutoCAD Electrlcal.

cadett ELSA Basic
If you don’t have the most advanced requirements this is the solution for you! Network support with common storage of symbol, project and article information. Flexible Report Generator. Dynamic OnLine enables direct editing of the device list. The changes update the circuit diagrams directly OnLine! Uses AutoCAD/AutoCAD Electrical.

cadett ELSA Professional
Complete connection management with both internal and external connections, automatic wiring optimization, wire numbering and more. Uses AutoCAD/AutoCAD Electrical.

cadett ELSA Enterprise
The most advanced solution on the market. Support for thin clients, remote import and enhanced super projects improves the productivity in large and decentralized organisations.

cadett ELSA Automation module
The concept of automation solutions is that cadett ELSA is remotely controlled to automatically generate documentation that otherwise would have to be made manually. This can be driven very far, so far that a complete documentation can be both created and maintained automatically, with no manual involvement.

Configure and program cadett ELSA to customize the software for your own needs. In that way you can save even more time and money. This is a golden opportunity that is only waiting to be utilized! Learn how to do it yourself or ask for an offer for a complete solution.

Update subscriptions
Subscription for new versions of cadett ELSA and/or AutoCAD/AutoCAD Electrical gives you the most recent technology at the lowest possible price, a fixed annual fee.

Support agreement
Gives you qualified and unlimited help by telephone, e-mail or remote control. You will also be given access to the support area of our homepage. All this for a fixed annual fee.

You are quickly and efficiently educated how to use cadett ELSA and/or AutoCAD Electrical, to the limit. We have scheduled courses and courses on customers sites.

We install and configure the software for you, if you don´t want to devote your own time to this. To save time and travel cost we prefer to do it over the internet.