Customization cadett ELSA

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cadett ELSA has many advantages. Among the most outstanding is extremely good prerequisits for customizations. No other product on the market can beat cadett ELSA in that race!

To configure and program cadett ELSA to customize the softeare for your own needs, and thereby save yet more time and money, is therefore a golden opportunity that is only waiting to be utilized.

The system is completely open, so it is entirely possible to make customizations like this yourself, but of course knowledge and experience are required, and obviously there is a price-tag associated with the acquirement of that too. A quicker and therefore often cheaper way is therefore to ask the skilful consultants of cadett for assistance. They will make the customizations that you need to be more efficient in your work, at a fixed price or at an hourly rate, according to your preference.

Here we give a few examples of customizations of the described type. How your own needs look like is of course something you know best yourself, but it is still likely that you will be able to find some inspiration among the suggestions here!

Drawing frame according to your own wishes

cECustomizing_01-mallWe make a new drawing frame the way you like it. You may decide yourself about fieldnames and field lengths, the appearance of the frame, the rows and columns and of course how the drawing manager should present the information.

We create a complete new drawing frame including mask, mask file and all other technicalities that are required. We can also make a script sequence that can replac the drawing frame in an existing documentation, with all texts in the title fields kept intact.

Reports according to your won wishes

Anpassningar_bild2We create complete report definitions to create reports according to your specifications. They can use your own drawing frame, have the columns and column headers that you prefer.

Maybe you want to exclude some of the information that are contained in the standard reports. Maybe you want to add some information.

Based on the available information in the databases of cadett ELSA we will create exactly the report definitions that you demand.

User defined information in drawing sheets and reports

Do you think that som information is missing in the symbols of cadett ELSA? Would you like to include information in the reports that is not available in the standard product?

We configure the system for you. Then you will be able to use all attributes that you need. The information in them can be used in the reports.

Connection to Excel

cECustomizing_03-excelAre you used to work with Excel? Do you think that it would be neat to transfer the iniformation in Dynamic OnLine in cadett ELSA to Excel, just by pressing a button? Would it be useful to be able to edit the information in Excel, and then transfer it back to cadett ELSA so that the drawing sheets are automatically updated with all the changes you have made?

We create the macros in Excel that you need to accomplish all this. We will make them according to your wishes.

WEB presentation of documentation

cECustomizing_04-webWould you like to present the documentation that you are creating in cadett ELSA in a WEB format so that anybody can access it with a simple WEB-browser? Maybe you want to publish the documentation on the Internet or an internal Intranet. Or maybe you want to collect the entire documentation in one single PDF file readable with Adobe Reader?

cECustomizing_05-web2We configure cadett ELSA with the required routines to automatically create HTML pages, DWF files, PDF files or whatever you wish or need.


Do you often perform the same or similar tasks after one another? Maybe you create the same reports for every project? Maybe you run the same script sequences to plot the drawing sheets each time? maybe you do the same operations in the drawing manager with collecting and reorganizing each time to create an appropriate table of contents? Would it be comfortable with some neat macros so that you can do all this by prerssing a single button instead?

We help you to create the ActiveX macros that you need to simplify your work.

Drawing aids

Do you miss any commands in the drawing environment? Would you like some new commands to make your work easier?

Our drawing environment programmers create the commands that you like to have!

Interfacing to MPS systems

Do you need to connect cadett ELSA with your MPS system? Maybe you want to have an automatic transfer of article information from the MPS system to cadett ELSA for use in the circuit diagram projects? Maybe you want to be able to send the device lists formatted correctly directly to the MPS system?

We configure the necessary interfaces to make the information transfers as automatic as you want them to be, thus giving you the possibility to fully utilize both cadett ELSA and the MPS system!

Connection to document management systems

Are you using a general document management system in your company? Would you like to integrate cadett ELSA in that system? Does it look hard to solve the issue of revisions and multipage circuit diagrams?

We have solutions to theese tricky issues and will provide you with the connections that are needed to integrate the different system with each other.


cECustomizing_06-plcDo you start with I/O lists when you create your documentation? Would you like to generate the base of your circuit diagrams with in- and ouputs, terminals, circuits etc. directly from these I/O lists?

cECustomizing_07-plc2We will create the macros that will do the work for you!

Automation solutions

Does it sound like a dream to be able to automatically generate complete electrical documentations from a general set of rules? In cadett ELSA the basic technology that is needed to do that is included. cadett ab has developed a standard product – cadett ELSA Automation module – that is the base of solutions that will make it possible to create a complete documentation with no human involvement at all. The possibilities are enormous!

Read more about this here.

Other wishes

Above we have given a few examples of assignments that we can handle. These examples come from customizations that we often make for our customers.

Maybe you have some entirely different ideas? Don´t hesitate to contact us for an unprejudiced discussion. We have the knowledge and the resources that are needed to make your work more efficient!