AutoCAD vs. Electrical toolset Productivity Study

We know that many of our customers are still using AutoCAD Electrical and with that we want to share the latest productivity study made by Autodesk showing the difference of working within AutoCAD Electrical vs. the new AutoCAD including specialised toolset.

By following the below links you’ll be able to read the full or the summary of the completed study.

If you’d be interested in hearing more about the AutoCAD specialised toolset and how you can upgrade to this, please contact your sales rep. within cadett, or email us on with your query.

Autodesk recently commissioned a study comparing basic AutoCAD to the Electrical toolset (previously known as AutoCAD Electrical) for performing 10 common electrical design tasks.
Results showed that the Electrical toolset provided a dramatic 95% overall productivity gain* compared with basic AutoCAD when these tasks were performed by an expert level AutoCAD user.

AutoCAD and Electrical toolset Productivity Study
(28 pages full study)

AutoCAD Productivity Study Highlights for Electrical toolset
(4 pages summary)