cadett ELSA part 1 – Basic course

Documentation with cadett ELSA
Duration: 3 days (2 days for cadett ELSA Start)   

cadett ELSA is a vast and very effective tool for electrical design. The drawing environment in cadett ELSA is based on AutoCAD.

When using the OnLine automatics, the design work is made more efficient, directly in AutoCAD. With a report generator you are able to create tables and lists fully automatic. The Dynamic OnLine enables you to edit the lists resulting in an immediate update of the circuit diagrams accordingly.

The basic course will in principle teach you how to use a system, which has already been configured for a certain use, like for instance the standard configurations for IEC and DIN standards that are included in the software at delivery.


  • cadett ELSA, structure and functionality
  • The catalogue
  • The drawing manager
  • Electrical design with cadett ELSA
  • Symbols – Standard symbol libraries
  • Automatic functions – basic principles
  • Exercise
  • Automatic plotting
  • User defined symbols
  • Dynamic OnLine (day 3)
  • Automatic wire numbering (day 3)
  • Automatic report generation (day 3)

Who should participate?

Everybody who are going to use cadett ELSA or who are planning to acquire a CAD system for electrical design.


AutoCAD preparation course or some previous experience with AutoCAD


Please report to cadett by telephone +46 8 754 97 70 or by e-mail to


A compendia is included in the course fee.