The roots of cadett can be found in the northern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. The founding of the company took place in Järfälla in 1979. An office on Rosenlundsgatan in Södermalm in Stockholm City Centre during 1984 was an exception. 1985 the company was back in Järfälla, this time on Datavägen (!) (Data Road) in Jakobsberg. In 1986 we moved to Kista – the “Silicon Valley” of Sweden.

In 1985 the company MG-Data GmbH was founded in Mönchengladbach, Germany. In 1995 MG-Data moved to Jülich. MG-Data was later merged with cadett.

In 1991 we were bored with “Silicon Valley” and moved to Sollentuna on the other side of the highway. In the same time we opened a development branch in Skellefteå, which is a city located in the northern part of Sweden – close to the polar circle. After a few years with the head-office in Upplands Väsby during the mid 90´s we moved back to Sollentuna where we stayed for six years.

The summer of 2003 we moved closer to the City Centre of Stockholm, to Stockholm-Lunda Industrial Area, less than 2 kilometres from the place where the company once was founded, in the late 70´s. Three years later the circle was closed, when we moved back to Järfälla, to Veddesta Industrial Area, a few hundred metres from where we started!

So, there we are today, on Girovägen 13 in Veddesta, Järfälla, at E18 (the road between Stockholm and Oslo) about 20 kilometres northwest of Stockholm City Centre.

cadett_Huvudkontor-500x274In the year 2000 two new offices were opened. One in Malmö, Sweden, and one in Vasa, Finland. In 2002 we opened up an office in Falun, Sweden.

TZJ-300x168In 2003 an office was opened in Jülich, Germany. Jülich is located between Düsseldorf and Aachen, in the heavily populated Ruhr area.

cadett GmbH and cadett ab are both fully owned daughter companies of cadett Holding AB.