cadett in Germany

mg-cad-116x150Optimerad cadett ELSADuring many years cadett ELSA was developed in a close cooperation between cadett ab in Sweden and MG-Data GmbH in Germany. In Germany the product was sold under the name MG-CAD.

The cooperation between the two companies became closer and closer, and in 2003 a merge occurred when cadett acquired the German business.

Consequently in 2003 a cadett office was opened in Jülich, between Düsseldorf and Aachen.

In 2003 MG-CAD and cadett ELSA were completely integrated to form a common multilingual product supporting multiple standards. The product has since then been sold under the same name – cadett ELSA – in the entire World.

cadett GmbH and cadett ab are both fully owned daughter companies of cadett Holding AB.