The Company

The business concept of cadett is to develop and sell the best electrical design automation software packages (EDA) in the world.

cadett was founded in 1979. Our EDA products have been marketed and sold in Germany and Scandinavia since 1985.

cadett’s EDA products are based on AutoCAD Electrical. We are also developing and marketing additional software (add-on’s) in order to satisfy national and other special needs. AutoCAD Electrical in combination with our product cadett ELSA constitutes one of the markets most competent solutions.

cadett is an ISV Partner of Autodesk (Independant Software Vendor) as well as an  Authorized Developer and an Authorized Reseller.

As one of the oldest suppliers of CAD for electrical design, cadett has a unique competence within the field, to the benefit of current and future customers.

Our extensive services with training, support, customizations, installations and more, makes us an ideal partner for everybody working with electrical design.

Currently cadett has offices in Sweden and Germany. In other countries we market our products through cooperation partners.