cadett offers Autodesk BIM

cadett’s already extensive ISV agreement with Autodesk has now been further expanded. From July 2019, cadett is thus a new supplier of Autodesk’s BIM products bundled with cadett ELSA.

“This is further proof of cadett ELSA’s rapid development in the front line of today’s technology,” says Jyrki Erkkilä, cadett’s CEO.


The opportunities for increased collaboration in current projects combined with access to greater computing power and more efficient software have made the use of “Building Information Modelling” (BIM) really accelerate in the recent years.


BIM has evolved from dream and vision to a practical method that increasingly influences the planning, design, construction and administration of building projects around the world. With BIM, the projects can be implemented faster, more reliable, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. The digital revolution continues and this is an important step in that path.


By combining cadett ELSA with Autodesk BIM, you can collect all project documents in one place, in a way that follows reality and nothing else.