We are now releasing our latest update to cadett ELSA – R39 0.1.2

As mentioned when R39 was first released we are adding more features and news throughout the year and below are some of the updates to the new version.

A full list of updates etc. can be found through the Revhist file for R39 0.1.2 or you can contact us at cadett for further information.

Some of the news in cadett ELSA R39 0.1.2: 

  • Cabinet layout – Terminal Tool
    • A BETA-version of an entirely new tool to manage terminals including accessories has been added to the Cabinet Layout module.
  • Report Generator – Cable list
    • It’s now possible to create cable lists that support multiple devices in each end.
  • Drawing Environment – Copy from another drawing sheet
    • This feature has been improved and is now displaying projects and groups sorted alphabetically in the same way as the Project module does.
    • The sheet shift feature has been extended and improved. You can now go back multiple steps regardless of how you shifted sheet, and even go forward again.
  • QuickPDF
    • This feature has been extended to include user defined layer settings and logotype insertion possibilities.
  • Terminals
    • The handling of spare terminals has been extended in several aspects both for reports and Cabinet Layout.