cadett ELSA R39 is here!

Since early January, our new version cadett ELSA R39 is available for immediate delivery.

This time many of the news included are taken directly from our customers’ wish list. A good deal is included from the beginning and even more will be released throughout the year, in the revisions we as usual will produce continuously.

News from the start

The current standard for designating technical documents is called IEC1355. Two implementations of IEC1355 are included in cadett ELSA R39, one complete and one simplified. All is ready to use immediately. At the same time, as usual, we offer full backwards compatibility, i.e. it is just as easy to continue working according to old standards if you so prefer.

Apart from that, the following news are included, among other:

  • Support for Windows 7 has ended
  • Support for AutoCAD 2020 has been introduced
  • New Solo version (embedded AutoCAD) based on AutoCAD 2020
  • New feature to copy directly from any other sheet in any project without leaving the drawing environment or switching project
  • New tool with wheel menu (“radial menu”) for quick and easy attribute adjustment (position, rotation, text height, text alignment) also for multiple attributes simultaneously
  • New command to quickly change the text height of selected attributes
  • Sub circuit insert from Catalogue
  • New even more beautiful and now transparent icons in the menus
  • New, even more captivating layer colours
  • New demonstration and example projects with document codes according to IEC1355, and long file names
  • 3 new standard drawing frames with support for IEC1355
  • 22 new report definitions according to IEC1355
  • 6 new prototype projects
  • Device lists that include spare terminals
  • Automatic insert of terminals in the cabinet layout in sequence according to assigned algorithm when available, and otherwise in normal number sequence
  • The slide display in the Symbol Insert Tool has been replaced with new technology without SLD files. Now you right-click for a detailed view of a symbol or sub-circuit.

Coming R39-news
As already mentioned, even more news will be released throughout the year.

If you are updating to R39 now, you can take advantage of the coming news with a simple incremental patch when released.

Do you have any customisations? The vast majority are automatically handled by the import feature. Not sure if your customisations are part of these? Please contact cadett before updaing and we will check if any manual adjustments are required!