cadett ELSA R38 has been released

Since December 20th, cadett ELSA R38 is available for immediate delivery. The program can be downloaded from our website

Some of the news in cadett ELSA R38

  • New Sheet Shift feature:
    • No slide files
    • Can display multiple sheets at once
  • SMB1 is no longer needed. Full support for SMB2 and SMB3.
  • Support for dynamic workstations (workstation code is automatically assigned at startup)
  • Support for connecting the same computer to several different cadett ELSA servers, e.g. for a test environment in parallel with an operating environment or a local installation in parallel with a network installation. No re-registrations or other special solutions are required.
  • The OnLine Engine has become even faster.
  • Extended QuickPDF generation with several new features.
  • Faster Symbol Insert tool.
  • Better quality symbol thumbnails (higher resolution)
  • Improved symbol descriptions in several languages
  • IEC61355 document codes


Do you have any customizations? Please get in touch with cadett before updating! Adjustments may be needed in some cases.