cadett ELSA R38.0.2.0 installation file (compact)

Version R38.0.2.0
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File Type exe
Create Date 2018-12-20
Last Updated 2019-04-02

This compact installation file for cadett ELSA R38.0.2.0 is limited for use with AutoCAD. Support for Solo ecscad is available in a separate bigger complete installation file.

cadett ELSA R38 contains a large number of new features and improvements. Please refer to REVHIST.TXT for a list of affected functions.

The EXE file can be placed anywhere on the computer on which you want to install the software, like on the desktop, in the Downloads folder or somewhere else.

Please note that when performing a network installation, you should run the installation directly on the server. In most cases that must be done with Remote Desktop.

Double-click the EXE file to begin installing. First the installation package is unpacked in a directory of your choice. The default is “C:cadett ELSA”. After that the installation continues automatically.

Updates from older versions are made by performing a new installation followed by an import of all data from the old installation. If installed in the same directory as a previous 7.X, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0, R30, R31, R32, R33, R34, R35, R36, R37 or R38 version, the import will start automatically when the software is first started after the installation is finished.

cadett ELSA R38 requires a R38 or later hardware lock.

Please note that cadett ELSA R38 is a major update, which at a low level differs a lot from older versions. If you have advanced customizations that for example use information from the the registry, an adjustment may be needed to be able to run them in the new environment.